Pet In-House Laboratory

At Animal Medical Center of Troy, we provide in-house laboratory services, ensuring prompt and convenient diagnostic testing for your pet’s healthcare needs.

Pet In-House Laboratory in Rochester Hills, MI

At our hospital, we believe that your pet deserves the best care possible. That is why we have outfitted our cutting-edge facility with innovative equipment to give the highest grade of veterinary diagnostic services.

dog lying on the floor

Pet In-House Laboratory

We take immense pride in our advanced laboratory facilities at Animal Medical Center of Troy. Our laboratory can handle everything from simple tests to more intricate ones, ensuring comprehensive care for your pets. Notably, we offer urinalysis, heartworm, leukemia, FIV tests, and full blood work for those interested.

The most significant advantage of having an in-house laboratory is the expedited diagnosis of your sick pet. By bypassing the need to send samples to an external facility, we can swiftly provide you with results and a diagnosis within minutes. Gone are the days of anxiously waiting for a day or more to receive crucial information about your pet’s health. Ultimately, a quicker diagnosis leads to starting treatment faster and getting your pet back to better health.

Our commitment to efficient and reliable laboratory testing ensures that your beloved companions receive prompt attention and special care. By leveraging our advanced facilities, we can promptly address any concerns and provide tailored treatment options. Count on us to deliver accurate results swiftly, enabling us to focus on your pet’s well-being and treatment.